Some people think angela is a hacker ITS TRUE STOP SAYING ITS FAKE they removed the chat because well here is some PROOF that its real .if you look in her eye you can see the hacker zoom in though if you cant search up is angela a hacker then they will be pictures of him look you can see him dont say im wrong. Even though chat has been removed it can STILL happen you could just ask her if you are a stalker but see still can chat with you by speaking please be aware this still DOES exist.people have been claming that he can ask you personal questions but chat has been removed due to recordings are available in talking angela and face you can make a look and angela will repeat it and youtube is available in the app wich is a reason why I dont recommend this app for children it takes you to the talking friends channel but be aware you can read comments and you can search stuff up wich is a reason why youtube in this app and in some of these videos comments can contain swear words so be aware of this feature in angela but still exist in angela there is a child mode wich kids could easily turn off by tapping this smiling button so yeah watch your children while they play the game Edit